"It's not for fun or any sense of community
it's just trying to dull the pain."

-- Information Society

2/5/05: Conversation while watching MTV with Liz today
Me: Sugarcult.  That's a good band name.
Liz: Really?
Me: Yeah.  All the good band names are already taken; if a band wants a good one-word name, they have to randomly pick two words and put them together and hope nobody else has picked the same ones.
Liz: Heh.  Like Candleboner?
Me: Let me see... <googles>  Close.

(It turns out Candlebone is a record label, but still.)

I'm not entirely sure why those were the first two random words she thought of.

12/23/03: For some reason my SMS DDRs aren't processing correctly, I think because some machine got its' date set to the year 24883 or so.  Meanwhile, I sit here waiting for twelve million DDRs to delete.

12/22/03: See my new rant, Ethical Bankruptcy: How Pep Boys Makes Money.

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